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Natural teeth whitening with True white advanced teeth whitening system


True white advanced teeth whitening system reviews

ByEmilyon June 2, 2018

This product was extremely disappointing. Not only did I not notice ANY results, but when I got to the bottom of the tube MOLD (or some other disgusting black substance) came out. I checked the pictures to see if it was supposed to be there for some reason and it wasn’t. I thought maybe it didn’t get stored properly but it was at the bottom of the unopened syringe as well. I will never ever use this product again and I would not recommend it to anyone!!!!

ByAlwaysAmazonon October 2, 2018
I’m always nervous trying products in regards to my teeth because of sensitivity but at the same time, I hate that my teeth are not as pearly white as they used to be! They have become a bit discolored with age, caffeine and enamel breakdown. I also have small teeth, so wasn’t sure how the tray was going to work out! I hated the fluoride tray growing up at the dentist! This product was great! I was able to adjust it to make it fit my mouth by snipping easily. You mold it with warm water, I had to to try that a couple times, but the material is VERY forgiving. I was sparing the the first time with the syringe. I didn’t know how my sensitive teeth would react and I didn’t want to bleach my gums, both were fine. I’ve since used more each time. The mouth tray is comfortable, light is easy to use and everything is very simply to clean and store. The directions were easy to follow. I erred on the side of caution, but I’ve found no reason really to not use this as intended the first round! I’d definitely recommend this product.

ByPrime Addicton September 24, 2018
I have the charcoal teeth whitener kit. The product comes with 2 mouth guards that you put in warmed water so you can mold them to your own teeth. It took me a few tries to get it right. If you mess up, all you have to is heat the guard back up and try again. A little of the charcoal mixture goes a long way. Be careful to only put enough where it is only on your teeth. You don’t want it to bleach your gums also. I have used this product about 4 times & I can tell that they are lighter than before. I chose to space out each time I did it & not to do it for long periods at a time because I already have sensitive teeth & I was worried it could make it worse. Thankfully I have not had any problems with that so far.

ByAmazon Customeron November 13, 2018

What brought me to looking at this tooth whitening system were the before&after photos under the "" URL address, which included a link to the product itself. When I got to looking closely at the before&after photo of "James Harper of Hartford, CT," it was easy to see that the before teeth were NOT the after teeth. The before teeth were uneven at the bottom and the canine teeth long. So, this company was lying about its product. If they would lie about the before&after photos, tell me, would YOU believe their product worked???? I see it has only garnered three stars, which means the product is no better than every other tooth whitening system being sold. You really have to be careful falling for "click-bait"!

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