Monday, December 3, 2018

Smile sciences teeth whitening kit review


Smile sciences teeth whitening kit review

Kaitlin M. Say:
"I was very disappointed with this product. Someone I follow on instagram had a code to receive this kit for around $35. So I thought why not try it! The kit includes a mold that you must boil on hot water, let cool, then stick it in your mouth and bite down. Sounds easy in theory... I did follow the step by step directions... I don’t know if it was the product quality of the mold or if I did something wrong, but my mold was very loose. When I put the whitening product in the mold tray it falls out everywhere. The instructions even direct you to lay down while whitening of your mouth tends to water, since it will basically remove the whiting product from the tray. This whole system is messy and inconvenient. If your mold doesn’t come out perfectly then the system is pretty much useless. I’m probably going to just stick to whitening strips from now on!"

Lindsay M.
Overland Park, KS
I just got this kit today and I’m sooo excited! I just finished the first treatment and can definitely tell a subtle difference. I thought my teeth would be sensitive to the gel but so far no pain or sensitivity issues at all! I’m going to use it routinely and I’m guessing I’ll fall in love!

Morgan N
this kit is awesome! Doesn’t have a horrible taste and gets the job done. I find that it sometimes look a little patchy (with some parts whiter than others) right after use, but I think that has to do with different thicknesses of enamel and the composition of your teeth, so I can’t really blame the kit. It always balances out and looks fine the next morning though! I don’t have any sensitivity or issues.